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Hannah Nail Spa in Las Vegas - Nail salon 89123 : Here are the latest must-have nail trends! Our professional techs are able to help you achieve a great work of art. Life is too short to have naked nails. Make your appts today ;)

What are French nails?

A French tip manicure polishes nails in two colors, one for the bed of the nail and another for the tip. Traditionally, French tip manicures create a polished and professional look that replicates the natural nail in pink and white, but modern variations may use other colors.

What is the difference between French and American Nails?

The basic difference between a French Manicure and an American one is to do with the colour and in some salons the shape of the finished nails might be also slightly different. A classic French Manicure uses a pinky tone clear base all over the nail and then a dense white tip is painted across the ends.

When it comes to getting your nails done, choosing the right look can be a more complex decision than most people realize. There are so many different colors, textures, shapes, and styles to choose from. You can create endless nail styles to match the rest of your look. Pay us a visit to gain your dream nails!